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A&Z Metals & Recycling was established in 2006 by Abdus Samad Essack and Zubair Essack. With years of experience in the trade they have become a benchmark in the recycling world with innovative techniques and tireless workmanship.  Zubair Essack personally oversees all operations and technical specifications and supervises the onsite staff. We have taken a tremendous amount of contracts that required extreme amounts of labour and time which have been executed to perfection in scope and precision. Our team comes from a multi–cultural diversity and strongly reprimand any type of racism, sexism or stereotyping nature. We have multiple vehicles onsite for reliable workloads and will always strive to bring customer service delivery as priority number 1. One of our main aims in this business is in the endeavor of recycling. By the end of the year 2015 to have an estimated 100 tons of recycled granulated plastics and 100-tons of processed scrap metal monthly recycled, to promote an Eco-friendly environment working against pollution and illegal dumping methods. We strongly believe in placing our customer first with exceptional service provisions by having established our very own stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 24-hours.  We work exclusively to be onsite anywhere in South Africa within SLA time.

Recycling For The Future